We care that the process of garden making is smooth and enjoyable for everyone. We listen carefully to our clients and respond sensitively and appropriately, whatever the scale of the project.

A simple consultation or a start to finish service, we can undertake work on any individual aspect or as a package, working with budgets and gardens of all size, from small courtyards to large country estates.

A consultation meeting is the first important step in the design process. We would love to hear from you. Please contact us on 01904 780 292 to discuss your project.

Working with Lizzie Tulip is a pleasure and delight. She combines professionalism and expert plant and design knowledge with a real passion and enthusiasm about her work that can't fail to inspire.

- Ms Rachel Mann, Harrogate

Pic for Consultation


Can be all you need or the first step in the design process. Meetings are usually 1-2 hours long and is the time when we listen carefully to your aspirations.  We discuss all aspects of the space; what is existing, what can be changed and how the space can be used, enjoyed and improved upon, problem solving along the way,

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Survey and site assessment

A line and level survey can be undertaken which will give all the information needed to make informed decisions about the garden. The site assessment takes into consideration the existing features, soil types, plant environment and a broad assessment of the surrounding environment to enable any effecting wider aspects to be considered in the design of the garden.

Example survey and site assessment

Example Concept Design Plan, Jackson, Cropped

Concept design plans

These are scale drawings showing our ideas for the space. All of the hardscape with heights and levels are detailed and structural planting is shown. We include photographs around the drawing to suggest the concepts being proposed for the garden.

Examples concept design plan

Example 3D Image 01pdf

3D visuals and flythroughs

We are able to build the proposed concept design in 3D to allow a full understanding of how the space will feel when constructed. A 3D flythrough allows you to walk through the proposed design of your garden.

Example 3D visuals

Example Construction Detail, Corr, Cropped

Construction plans

These include comprehensive details of all elements to be constructed for the garden. These can include layout plans, setting out plans, construction detailing, elevations, sections as well as lighting and irrigation plans to enable construction of the garden.

Example construction plan

Example Planting Plan, Corr Cropped

Planting plans

Drawings setting out each proposed plant within the garden and a plant schedule, for ease of ordering.  These can note existing planting, both to stay, remove or to be adjusted, for clarity. We include pictures of each plant for an informed discussion about how the completed scheme will look.  We have a strong established relationship with growers throughout the country and abroad and work to source and supply the right plants for each project, should you wish.

Example planting plans

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Tendering & pricing

Full specifications and tender documents to employ contractors can be undertaken on your behalf. These include a schedule of works, setting out clearly each item to be priced for the garden, a specification for the whole scheme and a design risk assessment for the project. We write all the contract documents to ensure you, the contractors and any other parties are clear about the forward process.

Project Management

Client Representative Work

We can monitor construction of the garden on your behalf, liaising directly with all contractors to see the garden through to realisation.  We produce records of all meetings so that you are kept informed and communicate with contractors, to ensure decisions are being made swiftly for a smooth and enjoyable process for all.

Ongoing Maintenance pic


We can advise on all future care and maintenance for your scheme.  We can produce a maintenance schedule, which lists each plant in the garden and all necessary work required to ensure health and longevity. We include any possible pest and diseases which you may occur along the way.